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I have been working with Elie for the past 4 years building my startup and he has been a gem of a mentor. He is well rounded in all areas of leadership from fund raising, recruiting, negotiations, partnerships and more. His leadership system has helped me as a CEO and his insights were instrumental during times where I hit a brick wall making tough company decisions. 
I highly recommend working with Elie if you are running a company and growing fast.

Richard Fallah – CEO  


I will start with the conclusion: "Elie changed my life". As a female entrepreneur, in the Middle East, starting from scratch in a society that was waiting for me to fail. I truly needed someone to encourage me, to lead me and to support me. I have tried a lot of coaches; life coaches, business coaches, therapists, advisors... etc. The special thing about Elie is that he has this great talent of being all of them at the same time. He motivated me to stand up for myself and believe in my vision. He taught me how to work hard despite the limitations, encouraged me to step into the light, always look for what I truly want and do it bravely.

Elsa Batour, CEO


Elie is a wonderful partner!  He has been advising us for several months and in a short time was up to speed on the business, providing insightful input.  Specifically, he has pressed our thinking on our value proposition and how we communicate that value to customers and investors.  He is an important part of our team!

Michael Roybal, CEO and President

Nuooly (a tech startup)

Elie Habib has proven himself to be a valuable executive coach that has helped me tremendously deal with my life-work balance and re-ignite my motivation to pursue my leadership vision. 

I tried to address my challenges on my own through self-development books, seminars, friends, and consulting informally with my own network. Finally, I recognized that I need a deeper level of coaching that is uniquely designed for me, and yet structured enough to allow me to articulate my own vision, outline my journey forward one that is reflective of who I aspire to be as a person and leader. Today, I am very excited about where I am heading, and looking forward to furthering the momentum Elie and I have achieved so far.

Kar Yee Fransham, Dir of Sales