Adulting In My Purpose
  7-Step Blueprint 
To Help Millennials Navigate This Complex World

 How to Experience Adulthood with Freedom, Confidence, Clarity and a Plan. 

IMAGINE living your adult life with FREEDOM and clarity without being stressed, feeling inadequate, and having an abundance of opportunities come your way.


 If you could prove to yourself that you can be successful, believe you can achieve great results, and discover how to reach your maximum potential would be ideal for you, wouldn’t it?


If YOU answered yes, you're GUARANTEED to love this NEW Journal!


You’ll learn Dr. Nic’s easy-to-follow, 7-Step blueprint for effortlessly discovering YOUR God-identity, clarifying YOUR vision, and developing a solid plan for YOUR next steps while always being your true, honest, authentic self and never doubting your potential.

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Personal Growth Journal
7-Step Adulting System 
How to Experience Adulthood with Freedom, Confidence, Clarity and a Plan.


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You Will No Longer Worry About Your Purpose

  • Discover Your God-identity
  • Clarify Your Vision
  • Develop a SOLID PLAN for Your Next Steps

Helping Millennials Navigate This Complex World

When I was a freshman in college, I dreamt of living a life of great significance while creating great impact. However, after facing failure, depression, and anxiety hardship, it felt that the odds were stacked against me.

Well, I wasn’t about to just take that and live with it. I decided to fight my limiting beliefs and create personal success by focusing on personal development. It took me years to figure out this journey of self-discovery but I was able to develop a roadmap I could use to position myself to live a  life of freedom, confidence, clarity, with a plan and now I am excited to share it with YOU! 

"Success in not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you. It can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract and accumulate by the person you become" - Jim Rohn

Dr. Nicole Rankine
Certified Personal Growth Coach

Can You Imagine Yourself Being a Wealthy Adult? 

This Journal will help you to 

  • Overcome your doubts
  • Increase your confidence
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Live on purpose 

What Does This Means for You...

You can make a change and re-create yourself, your thoughts, your attitude, your self-talk and your action. It took years for me to get on the right track. But you can have the opportunity to fast track your growth process to live the life of freedom you desire.

Adulting In My Purpose.

Here's Exactly What You're About To Get Your Hand On...

During your journey of self-discovery, you will be guided through seven personal growth journeys that will transform your life including:

Journey of Self-Reflection

During this journey, you will observe and analyze yourself to grow. By understanding who you are now and who you’d like to become, you help identify the steps you need to take on that journey. Reflecting upon how you behave and what thoughts enter your mind in response to events in the world around you allows you to see what you need to work on.

 Journey of Self-Awareness 
 During this journey, you will have the potential to enhance virtually every experience you have had in your life. This journey will help to ground yourself at the moment, realistically evaluate your current situation, and help you make good decisions that will move you towards your goals.

Journey of Self-Knowledge
This journey explains some of the reasons why you get in your way when it comes to seeing clearly. It will help you understand your capabilities, character, feelings, or motivations.

Journey of Self-Belief 

This journey will help you build confidence in your skills, abilities, or judgment. This is such an important journey because without the ability to believe in your worth and actions you may struggle to reach your full potential. This journey will help you live a fulfilling life where you are confident and believe in your abilities.

Journey of Self-Improvement 
This journey will help you get clarity on what you want out of life? Because we are wired to want to “do better,” this journey helps you tap into that instinctive trait and desire for self-improvement, leading you to a better life.

Journey of Self-Planning 
his journey will help you bring the future into the present and develop a roadmap that you will use to become the person that you want to be. You will learn how to create a SOLID PLAN for life.

Journey of Self-Motivation 

This journey will help you establish systems to activate your internal forces to keep pushing yourself to achieve your goals, feel more fulfilled, and improve your overall quality of life. This will help you take control of many aspects of your life.

Dr. Nicole Rankine, Author

Certified Personal Growth Coach and Leadership Development Consultant 

Dr. Nicole Rankine, affectionately known as Dr. Nic, is one of the most engaging certified Personal Growth Coaches around. She is a consultant with the John Maxwell Team and the CEO of the COLE Academy of Personal Growth, a training, and development company that uses a systematic personal growth program to help youth and young adults discover who they are, clarify their vision, and develop a plan to achieve their goals. Dr. Nicole also provides leadership development to the leaders that serve our next generation to help them become better leaders of our students but most importantly of themselves. Her team is comprised of coaches who deliver leadership workshops/seminars, keynote speeches, and coaching services as well as led Leadership Roundtables globally and domestically (Paraguay, Costa Rica, and throughout the United States).

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