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Example Images from the Collection

DJ Set - Ai Art


How can I use these images?

You can use these images as:

  • Album Art
  • Single Art
  • Sample Pack, MIDI Pack and Preset Pack Art
  • Images on your website/beat store
  • Inspiration to show designers for your own custom artwork

You can also edit the images to fit the needs above (e.g., add your name, song title to the art, change colors, etc...).

Can I use these images royalty-free?

Yes, you can use these images royalty-free!

The only thing we ask (on the honor system) is that you let another producer know about this freebie (e.g., post about this on social media, send them a text, email, etc...). We can all use free music art for our projects!

How will I receive the images?

The images will be sent to the email that you provided. If you do not see the images after 10 minutes, we recommend checking your spam folder.

Can you tell me more about your company?

Sure! We (Vocal Pockets) are a music start up that develops new, unique tools that help music producers advance in their careers.

Our first tools, Groove Builders, are loved by tons of producers (see how they've helped producers below)!

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