Considering an Omnisend alternative?

Omnisend stands out as a marketing automation platform tailored for e-commerce businesses, offering them tools to grow by targeting their shoppers across diverse channels such as emails, SMS, and browser push notifications.

On the other hand, VBOUT, an AI-enabled marketing platform, is considered as an alternative to Omnisend. It provides e-commerce businesses with robust integrations either through its comprehensive API library or by direct plugin installations for platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento. Once synced, businesses can engage shoppers across multiple channels, harnessing VBOUT's powerful automation workflows.

Let’s further explore the distinct offerings and pricing structures of Omnisend and VBOUT, emphasizing on what sets them apart.

Email marketing

VBOUT allows users to import and manage an unlimited number of contacts within its platform, whereas Omnisend employs a pricing system based on the number of contacts, with the cost escalating as the list grows. Further enhancing their offerings, both platforms have taken advantage of the strength of AI to offer predictive email sending. This innovation optimizes times for peak engagement, ensuring emails reach subscribers at moments they're most likely to interact.
Both VBOUT and Omnisend have integrated the dynamic nature of conditional fields. This feature allows form fields to adapt based on a lead's input; for example, if an entered email address suggests affiliation with a specific company, a subsequent field shows, inquiring about the company size or department. Complementing this, both platforms enhance the user experience by incorporating multi-step forms. By segmenting the signup process into several steps, they make the opt-in process more user-friendly and appealing.
However, where VBOUT distinguishes itself further is in its payment forms. Unlike Omnisend, VBOUT offers a fully customizable payment form option, seamlessly integrated into its form builder. Whether it's physical products, digital downloads, or recurring membership fees, VBOUT has it covered. Every transaction is recorded within VBOUT's extensive e-commerce tracking system, simplifying follow-ups and ensuring comprehensive reporting.
Omnisend VBOUT
Lead Management
Unlimited Contacts
Predictive Email
Drag and Drop Builder
A/B Testing
Conditional Fields
Multi-step Forms
Payment Forms

Marketing automation

Both VBOUT and Omnisend excel, providing a suite of functionalities that allow users to use a range of targeted messages, be it emails, SMS, or browser push notifications. Additionally, they offer robust tools for crafting powerful workflows to effectively guide leads through the sales funnel. 
As for Artificial Intelligence, VBOUT provides AI content generation. This tool empowers users to craft various pieces of content, tapping into the power of AI. This innovative feature remains absent in Omnisend's offering, positioning VBOUT as a more preferable choice for those prioritizing AI-driven content solutions.
Omnisend VBOUT
Browser Push Notification
Email Automation
AI Content Generation
SMS Messaging
Drag and Drop Builder

Social media

When it comes to social media management, VBOUT stands distinctively apart with a dedicated feature, a capability that Omnisend does not offer.
Omnisend VBOUT
Social Calendar
Posts Composing / Scheduling
Social Stream Management
Profile Grouping

Landing pages

VBOUT's landing page builder not only offers intuitive drag-and-drop functionality but also enables users to infuse dynamic content and integrate UTM tracking for precise traffic and conversion sourcing. While Omnisend offers the convenience of ready-made templates, it falls short in delivering the customization and personalization capabilities inherent to VBOUT.
Omnisend VBOUT
Ready-Made Templates
Drag and Drop Builder
Dynamic Content
Merge Tags / Conditional Formatting
UTM Tracking


Diving deeper into analytics, VBOUT's reporting capabilities allow users to craft multiple dashboards, share insights publicly, and monitor lead scoring activity. Omnisend, although competent in tracking essential metrics for email marketing and automation, doesn’t quite match the depth of VBOUT's analytical suite.
Omnisend VBOUT
Multiple Dashboards
Automated Reports (Sent by email)
Lead Scoring
Publicly Accessed Reports
Smart Audiences

Agency features

On the agency front, while Omnisend does present features tailored for agencies, it's also accompanied by limitations not found in VBOUT. A detailed comparison of these features can be found in the table below.
Omnisend VBOUT
Centralized Management
Workflow Manager
Access Control
Post Moderation
White Labelling
Custom Plan Builder
Custom Pricing
Campaign Grouping
Competitive Commission
Revenue Tracking
Clients Training and Onboarding
Partner Community
Agency Growth Academy


Regarding pricing for professional plans, Omnisend comes in at $81, covering 5,000 contacts and permitting 60k emails per month. VBOUT offers an enticing proposition: manage an infinite number of contacts and only pay for the actual emails dispatched. The starting package is priced at $100 for 5000 emails/mo and unlimited contacts, excluding certain features such as social media management, calendar booking, and technical support. Should users wish to use the entire feature set, the monthly fee will be $200 for 5000 emails/mo. For a comprehensive understanding, our pricing plans detail the offerings. 
Worth noting, both platforms are generous enough to offer free plans. Omnisend's complimentary plan accomodates up to 250 contacts, while VBOUT allows an unlimited contact list size with a cap of 500 emails per month. 
Omnisend VBOUT
Starter Plan
$81/mo - 5000 contacts -
Up to 60k emails - Billed monthly
$100/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
5000 emails per month - Month-to-month
Professional Plan
$132/mo - 10k contacts - 
Up to 120k emails - Billed monthly
$300/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
10K emails per month - Month-to-month
Enterprise Plan
$900/mo - 100k contacts - 
Up to 1.2M emails - Billed monthly
CUSTOM Pricing
N.B: We make every effort to provide the most accurate pricing figures, however, we advise verifying these details with Omnisend as pricing and packages can change.

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