Considering a Klaviyo alternative?

Klaviyo positions itself as a tool for e-commerce enterprises, aiming to accelerate sales through email and social media campaigns.

However, VBOUT offers robust marketing automation capabilities tailor-made for e-commerce brands aspiring to scale.

Here’s a comparison between Klaviyo and VBOUT which shows the differences in terms of features and pricing.

Email marketing

Diving into email marketing, VBOUT showcases its flexibility by allowing businesses to import and manage an unlimited number of contacts, contrasting with Klaviyo's tiered pricing structure based on contact numbers.
Both platforms use the AI-driven features such as predictive email sending, ensuring timely and optimized engagement. Moreover, they prioritize user experience by facilitating multi-step forms, enhancing the subscriber's journey.
VBOUT allows embedding payment forms and conditional fields, aspects Klaviyo has yet to integrate.
Klaviyo VBOUT
Lead Management
Unlimited Contacts
Predictive Email
Multi-step Forms
Payment Forms
Conditional Fields
Contact Tags
A/B Testing

Marketing automation

For automation, while both brands support email and SMS modes, only VBOUT extends its outreach through browser push notifications.
Not to mention, VBOUT's inclusion of AI content generation adds a layer of personalization that Klaviyo currently doesn't offer.
Klaviyo VBOUT
Browser Push Notification
AI Content Generation
Email Automation
SMS Messaging
Ready-Made Automation Templates

Social media

VBOUT provides comprehensive management tools, whereas Klaviyo remains focused on email channels.
Klaviyo VBOUT
Social Calendar
Posts Composing / Scheduling
Social Listening
Profile Grouping

Landing pages

VBOUT stands out with its dedicated builder, enabling brands to craft landing pages, a niche Klaviyo hasn't ventured into yet.
Klaviyo VBOUT
Ready-Made Templates
Drag and Drop Builder
Dynamic Content
Merge Tags / Conditional Formatting
UTM Tracking


Analytics always play a main role in marketing decisions. VBOUT's analytics suite allows businesses to craft multiple dashboards, seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics, and maintain transparent reporting by publicly sharing insights. Furthermore, it monitors the lead engagement through detailed lead scoring activity tracking. On the other hand, Klaviyo maintains a tighter focus, concentrating on core email marketing and automation analytics but missing out on the broader insights that VBOUT brings to the table.
Klaviyo VBOUT
Multiple Dashboards
List Analytics
Lead Scoring
Website Analytics
Smart Audiences

Agency features

Agencies scouting for versatile platforms might find VBOUT more aligned with their needs. Although Klaviyo offers specific features catering to agency demands, it comes bundled with several limitations, a gap VBOUT comfortably fills, as shown in the comparison table below.
Klaviyo VBOUT
Centralized Management
Workflow Manager
Access Control
Post Moderation
White Labelling
Custom Plan Builder
Custom Pricing
Campaign Grouping
Competitive Commission
Revenue Tracking
Clients Training and Onboarding
Partner Community
Agency Growth Academy


Finally, pricing plays a significant role in decision-making. Klaviyo's professional plan starts at $100, catering to up to 5,000 contacts monthly. VBOUT's starter plan is $100 monthly for 5000 emails/mo . For those looking to use all features with the same number of emails of month, VBOUT's professional plan costs $200. Those on a budget can breathe easy, as both platforms extend free plans. Klaviyo's free plan starts at 500 monthly email sends for 0-250 contacts, while VBOUT offers unlimited contacts with a cap of 500 emails per month.. Check out our pricing plans for more details.
Klaviyo VBOUT
Starter Plan
$100/mo - Up to 5000 contacts -
Billed monthly
$100/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
5000 emails per month - Month-to-month
Professional Plan
$150/mo - Up to 10k contacts - 
Billed monthly
$300/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
10K emails per month - Month-to-month
Enterprise Plan
$1380/mo - Up to 100k contacts - 
Billed monthly
CUSTOM Pricing
N.B: We make every effort to provide the most accurate figures, however, we advise verifying details with Klaviyo as pricing and packages can change.

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