Microsoft SAT-V's are retiring June 30, 2021.

Reserve classes with your vouchers by June 30th to receive free Microsoft training. After this year, these educational vouchers will no longer be redeemable. Don't let your training dollars go to waste! Redeem your vouchers for Authorized Training at Training Concepts.

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What are SAT-V's?

Microsoft's Software Assurance Training Vouchers are normally included with Enterprise level Microsoft Licensing. These vouchers are redeemable for free live instructor-led training with the training provider of your choice. While each customer experience is unique, all businesses can benefit from optimizing their performance through Software Assurance.

Why use the Vouchers now?

The Software Assurance Training Vouchers are designed to help your organization extend your training budget, stay competitive with the latest Microsoft software, increase employee productivity and efficiency, and reduce operational and support costs.

Microsoft is moving to a more streamlined platform for offering training services, and that means the Software Assurance Training Voucher program is going away. Now is your last chance to save some money on your training budget before these vouchers are gone for good!

Why Choose Training Concepts?

100% Instructor - Led Training

All of our courses at Training Concepts are taught by live expert instructors. Say goodbye to teaching yourself with grueling self-paced classes!

Total attendance flexibility

Attend class in person or virtually from your laptop, phone, or tablet.  Choose from our day or night offerings to better fit your existing schedule.

Private Group Training

Privately delivered group training solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs exactly when and where you need it.

How do I know if my company has vouchers available?

  • Locate your Microsoft Licensing Agreement (Your IT Director or Purchasing department usually has the Licensing Agreement).
  • Identify the Benefits Administrator (BA) named in the Licensing Agreement (The BA is the individual in your company that has the right to access SATV information).
  • Log in to to access your company’s SATV information, such as number of available SATVs, Expiration Date, number of Used SATVs, and number of remaining SATVs.